Spa Luxury Treatments by Ms. Vicki​

"Refine with Wine" 
Body Defining Treatment

This health and beauty treatment is non-invasive and a proven method of specific area correction. This delivers immediate inch loss on your very first treatment, reduces the appearance of cellulite, firms and tones your skin, and re-mineralizes  at the cellular level.

We will surround you in the luxury of a stress free environment by infusing aromatherapy scents of your choice, and the soft sounds of soothing music.

We also treat you to and a re-moisturizing and tension relieving hand massage while you drift away and relax while the silky body defining creams do the work for you.

Your beauty treatment will be completed by application of our Exclusive Body Wine Cream.

This cream aid in the continuation of the inch loss process.

The elite combination of Grape Seed Oil, Red Grape Extracts with Resveratrol, and Asian Centella will diminish toxins, break down cellulite and work as an anti-aging cream, by tightening and toning your skin


*Please call Ms Vicki for your treatment today!

      239. 287. 1919  

* Also ask about the bundle special for multiple areas of treatment!*


Choose from our list of “Specific Areas of Treatment” for each session:




Love Handles (on the back or sides)

Thigh (each thigh is separate)